• Starting Your Own Business
    Starting Your Own Business

    Well, your going to need a website. Let Ignited Solutions show your how to build your business online.

  • Open Source
    Open Source

    We believe developing the best software for your business, by utilizing open source tools we deliver you the highest quality for the best price. We are a very large contributor to many open source project.

  • Consulting Services
    Consulting Services

    Need help, but don't know the problem or how to go about fixing it? Hire us for a consultation and we will work with you to get through all of your IT and Business Pain!!!


Here at Ignited Solutions, we will work with you on any web development project.

  • Personal Service
  • Expert Solutions and Design
  • Best of all, a price you can afford.
  • Dr. Chris Michailidis
    Owner, CORE PTW
    I can't even express my gratitude and satisfaction enough, for the work Alain (or company) did for me. He went above and beyond my expectations, and the end-product speaks to his technical and creative skills but more importantly his listening and understanding skills. He listened to what I wanted and gave me exactly that. Thank you!